Friday, 31 October 2008

Hello Weenies.

I've never been too keen on Halloween. Perhaps I'm just bitter that when I was a kid my mother wouldn't let me go trick or treating because "it's begging" or perhaps it was the turning off the lights and tv when anyone knocked on the door and then holding very still until they'd gone. Either way, it's up there on my list of sucky holidays.

As I grew older, I found delight in opening the door to the little beggars and pretending I was hard of hearing.

"Trick or treat." They'd chant.
"Trick or treat." They'd repeat.
"Trick or treat." Now the third time was always the charm as they'd inevitably lean inside the doorway somewhat. This was my cue to shout "Trick!" and slam the door as hard as I could on them.

Heh heh heh.

This year will be different. This year I will have my two year old son asleep in his cot and a big bag of 'Get the hell offa my property' waiting for any little beggar dressed as Sporticus, The Joker or any other colourful fool (colourfool?) that wakes the little man up.

So if you are going beggin- Trick or treating tonight, check your watch. If there is any chance that there is a small child asleep (or an angry artist) inside that house, keep walking.



Peter Checksfield said...

I've never been keen on Halloween because I didn't even know what it was when I was a kid! I was born in '63, & it wasn't until the 1978 'Halloween' movie that it started catching on in this country.

Apparantly on 'Eastenders' the other night Peggy Mitchell (a woman in her 60s) was reminiscing about carving out pumpkins for Halloween as a kid, but not only wasn't it celebrated (ask anyone over 50!), pumpkins weren't found in greengrocers in the UK until 1987!

Grant Perkins said...

Wow. That's a fun little piece of info, I've gotta put that in the coffee table files.

Thanks Peter.