Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I hate Transformers.

Drawing them that is.

No one ever wants me to draw Optimus Prime, which is a shame because I know who he is. People always seem to want me to draw the obscure Transformer that only ever appeared in one episode that was only ever shown one rainy afternoon in mid July on 1984 in Luxembourg - or worse, a Transformer that has appeared in every incarnation of the show and has had 27 redesigns from Generation 1 to Beast Wars to Armada to the big screen, leaving no definite version of that character. Plus when you throw in how the cartoon models differ from the comic models which are drastically different from the toys...

Lets just say it makes research a chore.

Still, here's a Transformers piece from a few months ago. I was pleased to see Galvatron in the script as I recognised him from my youth, but the more obscure characters such as Astrotrain were more of a burden.

Anyway, back to the drawing board for me, I've half a robot to redraw.

G - Missing the Gobots.

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