Monday, 28 November 2011

Batman sketch.

Hey guys.

I've been going through some of my old sketchbooks this week trying to piece together some old comics that I'd started on my own with promise of taking to the next level that have unfortunatly fallen on the back burner due to the pesky interference of paying work. With that particular intrusion becoming less so recently it gives me something to get back to, although being as I am capable as both a writer and a penciller it leaves me wanting an inker, colourist and letterer. So if there is anyone reading this that fancies a stage to practice their chosen art on a backburner project, feel free to drop me a line.

Another fun bonus about thumbing through old sketchbooks is finding old sketches - like this here Batman from the London Film and Comic Con 2011.

It's been great reading online recently about just how many people have taken a fancy to the 2000AD cover that Jamie Roberts and I were called on to do for the subscription only 'Tharg's Future Shocks'. As our first real breakthough book it flattering that it's created such a buzz. Copies are already racking up money on Ebay. So they are ones to keep ahold of!

Right, that's all folks.

Stay slinky.


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