Thursday, 25 August 2011

Got Attitude?

Hey guys and gals.

Last stop before heading off to BICS tomorrow morning and I wanted to share a commission with you. The story started a few months back when I did a pin up page of a few of my favourite wrestlers. I was very proud that William Moody (Paul Bearer himself) approved of my work.

Shortly afterwards I was contacted by a fan of the Attitude Era of the (then) WWF asking if I could draw one or two of his favourite wrestlers from that time period. So being the huge wrestling fan that I am we got talking and bounced more and more names off of each other until I hit the grim reality that I'd just signed on to draw all who we'd spoken about.

Now I understand that not EVERY Attitude Era wrestler is here, but my page was only so big.

So please click on the image below to be taken to a larger version of the image and drop me a line on Twitter or Facebook and let me know how many you can name and complain to me that I've missed out your favourite guy and who you'd like me to draw next.

Hope you enjoy.

Stay slinky,


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