Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Arseface - I'm back.

Good morning guys and gals and welcome back to I hope you all like the trendy new layout and can get to grips with the new aspects of the site (such as the flash galleries) without too much trouble – although if you do hit any stumbling blocks please drop me a line so I can set my Webmaster on them.

What have I been doing since my last real update wayyy back in June? For those of you who follow me Twitter you already know the answer – drawing, painting and attending as many conventions as I can to promote not only myself but also the awesomely awesome Spirit of Hope book.

Speaking of awesomely awesome books, Ryan Ballard has been putting together a book for his father (a huge fan of Preacher) by collecting original artwork from his favourite artists depicting various characters from the book and binding them together as a gift for him.

For more information on The Preacher Project visit Ryan’s website here.

Here’s my submission to the book, the affectionately named Arseface (yes non comic people, that’s not me using the internet to say bad words, that is really his name).

Speaking of Mr. Ballard, I’m currently working on another page for him which I must get off and finish as I should be getting packed for BICS2011 this weekend where I’ll be with the Comic Book Alliance once again promoting the awesomely awesome Spirit of Hope book – See you there?!

Stay Slinky.


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