Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Hey guys and gals.

The festive season is upon us. Since my last blog - which I believe was about four and a half years ago, many things have happened.

1: I've been continuing my search for an agent. The hunt has been long and hard and as of yet I've not managed to bag one. Although I do believe I've picked up ones scent just outside Albuquerque.

2: I pulled my back about ten days ago moving my PC monitor and have been (as it was pointed out to me at work recently) walking like Robo-Cop. I'm hoping to get back into the gym soon though as I'm missing it. I'm always careful not to do anything too heavy after a back injury for fear of setting it off again.

3: I received some colours back on a four pager that I both wrote and drew for Ripperman several years back. These will finally be seeing print in the new Ripperman book coming your way very shortly. I'll have more details on it's release hopefully very soon.

4: Eva and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. How in the hell she's managed to put up with me for that long I couldn't tell you, but so long as she keeps it up I'll be a happy Grant.

5: We had snow. It was snow like.

6: I painted this.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.
Oil on three canvases - each measure 9 by 12 inches.

I only finished this one up last night so it's still very wet. Once it becomes touch dry and I can move it about I'll take some better photos to upload to my paintings page.

I'd love to say how awesome it would be for you to buy this painting as a Christmas gift for a loved one, but the truth of the matter is that it wouldn't be dry by then. So I'll close out this blog by telling you how much a loved one would enjoy having the above Wolverine painting as a romantic Valentines gift. After all, no one says I love you like an angry Mutant.

Enjoy the holidays!


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