Wednesday, 7 October 2009

How I almost met The Cat.

As anyone who knows anything about me knows, I'm a big Red Dwarf fan. I'm the kind of RD geek who could recite most episodes backwards and would be a living nightmare to any of the RD actors if I ever met them (So Craig, in episode 45 when you said this, surely you meant this. Rob, how come you said this in series six but in series four you said this?)

So it's probably a good thing that when Danny John-Jules visited my local comic book store last week that I was away in Dover pretending to be a french man (long story).

Saving myself from introducing myself as Plant Gerkins, my eldest (also a huge Dwarf fan) went in my place and presented Danny with a gift set of my first two books - as a sort of thank you for the years of entertainment.

I don't know if he'll ever read them, but he did comment that they looked fun and the artwork looked very "Johnny Bravo".

So there you go. If you ever see Mr. John-Jules, be sure to ask him what he thinks of Dwayne Hickenbottom. I hope he finds him as entertaining as I've found Danny over the years.



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