Friday, 9 October 2009

Rhino hug??

It fills me with a great sense of pride that at only three years old, Vinnie knows more about the Marvel Universe than some pro's I've met. He lives for Spider-Man and is often found running around and pretending to throw webs on people (or schnick, 'pulser ray, optic beam or just plain smash them).

That said, recently it has become a concern that my guiding Vinnie to these heroic role models has backfired as it has served as an introduction to violence. WE know that the good guys only fight as a last resort, but to Vinnie's little mind, fighting is all they do.

So every so often when we're playing with his Marvel toys (he loves the Super Hero Squad range) I try and dissuade the characters from fighting. Perhaps the Hulk would rather race Iron Man or maybe Thor could have a jumping contest with Spider-Man. Just to let him know there are other, more friendly ways to play.

I was pleasantly surprised albeit slightly baffled yesterday though, when he was playing with Rhino and Iron Man to hear that when Iron Man suggested that they fight, Rhino offered up a cuddle and a nice cup of tea instead.

Looks like Mummy has been playing too.



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