Saturday, 11 July 2009

Myspace was a mess.

So I've had a mass spring clean. In fact I've deleted the whole damn mess. It's been sat stagnant for months gathering spam and friend requests from bots so I have had the whole thing taken out behind the wood shed and fed both barrels between the teeth.

Then I signed on up again.

Why? Why delete my account only to sign up again? Because if used correctly it can be a great networking tool. True, in gutting my account I lost a few thousand spam bots, but I also lost another route of communication with the outside world and potential clients.

So if YOU used to be a MySpace contact of mine and AREN'T a spam bot, or if you want to become a MySpace friend of mine, you can now find me here

I can't promise long entertaining chats on IM or a links to my holiday photos in Florida (ha!), but I can promise many a pimping bulletins, self promotion and a whole bunch of links back here to my blog.

So go on, sign up to The Grant Perkins on MySpace.

Just another way to stalk me.


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