Saturday, 11 July 2009


After this week's Torchwood special I feel compelled to write something. Mostly because I know putting Torchwood in the heading will attract readers.

Well it worked didn't it, you ARE here ;)

Warning, thar be spoilers below.

I'm a big Who fan right now, I've recently watched all the shows for the last two Doctors and some classic Hartnell via the wonder of YouTube. Torchwood is fairly new to me, I'm trying to play catch up but aren't having a lot of luck finding the shows online.

But anyway, five hours of Torchwood this week. Five hours and the best baddie they could come up with was (for the most part) a bloke in a steam filled room throwing runny peas at the window?

True, we got the occasional latex claw or severed baby head, but for five hours of TV I'm sure the BBC could have done better than that.

That said, we got a good story and an entertaining show, but the baddie quota was way under. Were the BBC props department on holiday when they made this?

The ending was a bit Empire though. Dark and uninspiring with half the cast dead. Worst of all though, No Doctor. Although I guess with the Doctor not being there it adds something for when he does return. I'm sure the "Where were you when we needed you?" card will be played.

And with Doctor 10 still holding a few shows in the can, the BBC will be holding off Doctor 11 as long as they can. I hear he's meant to put in an apperarce in a special featuring EVERY doctor (dead and alive) so far.

That will be one to watch.


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