Saturday, 8 November 2008

Bustin' windows.

Well we've still got a few songs to come up with, but it seems that the 80's are going to be the main source of our material. They just don't make rock ballads like they used to.

Speaking of the eighties, today's viewing (I like to listen to old cartoons while I work) has been The Ghost Busters - or rather The *real* Ghost Busters, and by extension, the 90's incarnation; Extreme Ghost Busters. Both shows bring back a whole heap of memories and (more importantly) are so much more entertaining to listen to than the sound of no customers in the shop.

It's funny to think that no one wants to come in the shop at the moment when the opposite was obviously the case during the night. Someone wanted to come in so much last night that they tried to kick the door in. Fortunately all they achieved was a cracked window, and hopefully a sore foot.

Still you've got to laugh.


PS: Any more music suggestions ? Anything from a big dramatic "I love you" ballad to a suitable ditty to walk down the aisle to.

Hey, I wonder if we can get Ray Parker Jnr to play...?

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