Friday, 7 November 2008

Music to marry my girl to.

As the wedding draws ever closer, pressure is on to come up with a decent selection of music to be played at the creme tea after the deal is done. I had to do something similar for a friends wedding a few years ago, only he gave me a list of lovey dovey music to compile together for him - with the addition of Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby, which I couldn't resist sneaking on as a gag.

This time around though, it's for myself and Eva. We've bee racking our brains for romantic songs that don't suck. Unfortunately, I can't get my mind out of silly bugger mode and keep suggesting Saturday morning cartoon show themes, but apparently Eva doesn't want to walk down the aisle to "Duck Tales".

So if any of you guys can lend me a hand and suggest something with a little more emotion than "Chip and Dale - Rescue Rangers", that would be a most awesome thing.



Pringles said...

"I want to spend my lifetime loving you" Music for the Movie "The Mask of Zorro"

simon_lisa said...

I don't blame her not wanting that sort of music... at present can't think ... its close 2 1am here so i need to go to sleep.

But if i do think of stuff i will let you know...

hey, good luck with all the wedding stuff you 2..... and keep well in the mean time.

see you for now

lots of love

Lee xoxo

Grant Perkins said...

Thanks guys.

Keep 'em coming.