Thursday, 16 October 2008

What the Doxx is he saying?

Last night, after Eva had finished colouring today's webisode of, she decided to upload the image to my favourite comic book forum ( ) where I've been known as "Paradox" or "Doxx" for the past decade. She made it a game, the object of which was to guess what the characters were saying. Kind of like a 'caption this' game.

So far the responses have been as expected, referencing boogies and toilet seats and all the other things I'd expect from DW ( if those guys were any different, I wouldn't hang out there! ).

So I thought I'd bring the game over here;

On the left is Dwayne Hickenbottom, saviour of Doxxville and on the right is yours truly. Pretty sumbitch ain't I?

What are we saying?

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