Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Working hard.

The last week or so has been brilliant in terms of work. Ever since the con, it seems that my workload has tripled. Some projects are for fun, some are for submissions and some are the holy grail. Paid work.

One such paid gig is Barbarian strip for a fellow Digital Webber. I worked previously on Bro-Ham the Barbarian two years ago, so slipping back into the strip has been like putting on warm and comfortable pair of shoes on a cold day. Most of yesterday was spent the way I like, sat at the drawing board while a movie or wrestling PPV plays in the background. In this particular case it was Iron Man.

There was a slight hiccup in my work flow when the script I was working from called for a new character that had no description. Who was this guy? What should he look like? Is he a man, monster or something else? I had no choice but to email the writer and patiently wait for reference before I could continue.

So I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And then I finally received an email with an attached page by a previous Bro-Ham artist. As I opened it I prayed it would be someone fun to draw.

So the page opens and I'm looking at a familiar work. The previous artist was ME! I'd waited all day only to receive one of my old pages! It turns out that this new character had appeared in the previous Bro-Ham strip from two years ago, only I hadn't remembered his name.


Just for fun, here's a page from the first Bro-Ham strip. It's worth noting that the *new* character in question does not feature in this page.

Traffic for the first official day of the Grant Perkins .com being online was mammoth, although that could more so be attributed to me e-mailing everyone I know the url as apposed to people actually seeking me out. Still, early days.


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