Monday, 19 December 2011

Big Uncle Stuey: Zombie Puncher.

One of the advantages of being an artist is that you never have to spend out on birthday or Christmas pressies (although I almost always do). But with money currently being tighter that lycra on a fat wrestler ass, I broke out the pencils for my good friend Stuey.

As a quick side note, Eva and I once worked out a set of short stories featuring Stuey as a submission to the now defunk DFC comic. Unfortunaly the DFC folded the very day that our submission was complete. For what it's worth though (for any publishers reading) "Big Uncle Stuey" is a story about a caring Uncle and the tall tales he tells his nephews. It ships in three page blocks and features dinosaurs, spacemen, superheroes, lizardmen, pirates, ninjas, monkeys, elephants, carrots, boybands in custard, soggy slippers, cans of dog food and whatever else I feel like drawing on the day.

In this instance, Big Uncle Stuey does battle with the undead, a personal favourite of the birthday boy in question.

If anyone else would like to wish Stuey a happy birthday, feel free to follow him on twitter @stuatch. He's a good bloke with a love of Zombies and hatred of Clowns.


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