Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Google Wave.

I've been working hard since my last post on a commission for a friend. It seemed like a simple enough image when I started, but it is seemingly taking forever. Even now, some five (ish) days in, she's only just starting to take shape. Hopefully I'll have her finished in the next day or two or she'll never be dry for Christmas.

I got myself signed up on Google Wave last night. One of the good people over at Digital Webbing hooked me up with an invite. Now I'm not sure what google wave is right now, so I'm sure as I learn my opinion with change, but right now it looks like google facebook.

Still, regular facebook has been a useful tool over the years, lets hope Google Wave can serve a purpose in time too.

Right, enough babble. I'm off to shower up and start painting again.

Slowly slowly catchie monkey and all that.



Ricardo said...

Grant, let me know what e-mail address you're using for the wave and I'll add you to my contacts. Ric

Grant Perkins said...

Hey Ric.

I'm using thegrantperkins@googlewave.com