Monday, 9 November 2009

Paging Basil Faulty...

Eva and I have had the privilege of staying in several hotels since we've been together, most of which have been awesometacular. This time however, we've come unstuck.

Despite booking the room as a married couple, we have two beds. Not just any two beds mind you, two beds that would be a little snug for a new born baby kitten. I've pooped things bigger than these. Even pushed together (not dwelling on the 6 inch gap that still stays between them) this new "double" bed is still a fraction of the size of the bed we have at home. The situation is only made worse by the fact that one of the beds has a large hole in the side and the whole thing collapses in the middle when any weight is on it.

On the plus side, we do have a lovely sized room with a TV and a kettle. Only two plug sockets though, which are taken up by the TV and kettle. You might have thought that it the age of laptops and phone chargers that two plug socket might be a number to be expanded on.

This, coupled with the lamp that refused to work last night (which has changed it's mind this morning) caused Eva to take the walk to reception (which is a good few sold minutes away as our room is in the back of beyond three icey corridors away from any civilization) to complain. She was offered a replacement room that none but Tom Thumb might find spacious.

So we stayed in the room we were given and good half a nights sleep, despite the dog in the next room woofing up a storm.

Needless to say that Eva will be writing a strong worded letter to the manager of this particular hotel firmly noting our disapproval.

Bosworth Hall will not be seeing us again.

Still, on to the positive - off to Sheffield this evening to see WWE Raw. Keep an eye out for us in the crowd. Centre screen, 8 rows from the front. Woot!


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