Saturday, 7 November 2009

Contact Nigel, Eva Update and WWE.


Well the PC is still standing. Eva ripped it open and wiggled its RAM and now it seems content to chug along as normal.


Eva and I went back to the hospital on Thursday as we were told, only to find they weren't expecting us until next week (what we were told last week). On the plus side though, her test results were back. Unfortunately the doctor had no idea what they meant so tried to GOOGLE them.

Needless to say we are none the wiser as to what was/is wrong with her other than it *might* have been the flu.

Gotta love the NHS.


Next week Eva and I will be taking a well deserved break and traveling up to Sheffield for a couple of days to watch the WWE TV tapings. We've got almost front row seats for this Monday's Raw show, This Thursdays ECW and Friday's Smackdown shows. All three shows will be on TV this week, so keep an eye out for us.

To be honest, we can't really afford to spend the money to drive up there, but we've had the tickets for months and its far too late to try and sell them, besides, it's a treat for us and it's not something we do every day. So to hell with it, we're going to have a damn good time.


Books are still selling well and feedback has been very positive. The second novel seems to be even more entertaining than the first and the poetry is going over well with the kiddiewinks.

Nigel seems to be taking his new found fame in good stead and has opened himself up a facebook account here. Friend him to keep up with his daily activities.


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