Thursday, 1 October 2009

The road to BICS 2009.

Hey guys.

It's been a minute since I was here last so I apologise to my regular readers ( Sorry Mum ).

Since my last update I've had a birthday. I've reached the big Twenty Ten. As a sign of my new found maturity and general grownupness, my wife bought me a most excellent pair of roller blades.

Now ten years plus ago, I used to skate quite a lot. I had training with Hartsdown Artistic Roller Dance Club and was quite the agile young thing on my wheels. That's no longer the case as I'm that much heavier due to my time in the gym (17 stone) so now I'm less like a ballerina and more like a cannonball. Still, GREAT fun.

BICS is tomorrow and Eva and I are prepared this time. We have a rather sexy banner (see below) and piles of books to sell. We have copies of "Dwayne Hickenbottom and the War Boots of Doxxville" and "Dwayne Hickenbottom and the Journey to the Centre of the Birth" along with our new book, "An Anthology of Doxxville tales featuring Dwayne Hickenbottom".

This third book (which we are debuting at the convention) is an illustrated poetry book that expands on Dwayne Hickenbottom and the Doxxville universe. So is a must have for all Doxxville fans.

In addition to the above, we will be selling T-shirts and badges.

If you're walking around BICS tomorrow pop over and say hey.

See you at BICS.



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