Saturday, 24 October 2009

I'm a poet and I hope you know it.

Hey guys.

A few of you have been asking about my new poetry book and are interested in reading a little before putting your hands in your wallets. Which is understandable in this financial climate. So seeing as I'm not one to disappoint, here is a couple of examples from what you can expect to find.

Icky Rus.

Icky Rus had sticky wings
He used them for flying amongst other things
He’d turn and glide but never fall
Though occasionally he’d get stuck to a wall
For Rus’s wings were a filthy pair
He washed them less than his underwear
And that he only changed once a week
When the smell got so bad he began to reek
Yes Icky Rus was a dirty chap
His friends tried to wash him when he had a nap
But when it came to speed there were few faster
Of the skies Icky was the master
He’d zoom left then zoom right
Zoom up close then zoom out of sight
But then one day at about a quarter to six
When Icky was up to one of his tricks
His friends got together and started to try
To knock poor Icky out of the sky
At first he thought it was fun, just a game
But the sticks and rocks hurt just the same
“Hold on chaps, this is no laugh”
“We’ll stop throwing when you have a bath”
So down he flew feeling like a dud
While his friends bathed Icky in soapy suds
Now Icky Rus is no longer icky
His magnificent wings are no longer sticky
In fact he’s clean and wishes to stay that way
So he makes sure to wash everyday

The forest of Laser Beams.

Two young children set out to venture
On an exciting astounding adventure
They packed their bags with spare clothes and food
Then packed some toys to lighten their mood
So off they set to chase their dreams
Into the forest of laser beams
Now understandably you'll realise
That laser beams aren't good for the eyes
Hence why our two young heroes chose to bring
One of Dr. Fruitloop's magical rings
These special devices are brought to us
By the doctor's genius
So into the forest the children go
Being protected from the wondrous show
The lasers dance and move and wiggle
The children walk through to the middle
They meet a fish with a crooked grin
Who polity asks "How did you get in?"
"It's very simple,” said the first young child
"We came to explore and play in the wild
We saw the forest whilst doing our chores
So we jumped right in through the forest doors"
“Be warned young friends” The fish advised
“Be careful not to trust your eyes.
Things in here can be strange
They’ll look one way and then they’ll change
‘It’s all in the mind’ I once was told
By a bear who turned to gold
Look at me for further proof”
The fish paused to lick his tooth
“You see me now with my crooked teeth
Three days ago I was a plate of beef
A week ago I was a chimpanzee
And before that time I was a giant’s knee”
“My gosh, my word, How absurd
I don’t believe a single word.”
“Is that so?” The fish did smirk
As he watched the forest get to work
There was a whisper and a whisp
And a sound so clear and crisp
Then a scream from the children came
As they fell into the forest’s game
They turned and twisted and twisted and turned
They froze in ice then in fire burned
The trees all laughed and the fish did too
Because they knew their number would increase by two
“Once you entered this forest my dears
You lost all chance of leaving here
Our magic is strong there’s no way out”
“The magical ring!” One child did shout
“That’s right my friend, rub that golden hoop”
And once they did, they summoned Fruitloop
“Good day old chaps what’s the bother here?’
“This fish won’t let us get out of here.”
“Well that won’t do now will it boys?”
The doctor called forth all his toys
Mixers and mashers and all sorts of machines
All of them polished, all of them clean
Gears ground hard and pistons popped
Then all of a sudden, everything stopped
“My good man” Said the doctor “I’ll think you’ll find
That if you fail to retire, I’ll kick your behind”
He’d do it too; the doctor was poised
No harm would befall the two little boys
“Alright I yield” The fish turned fin
“Leave my forest now but never again come in”
And they did just that and headed on home
Leaving the forest and fish alone.

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