Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Perkins in Print - Warmageddon.

The comic book business is a funny old beast. It seems that we (as creators) seem to work as fast as we can to meet deadlines, only to find that the book we're working on won't be out until the summer of next year or possibly never see the light of day. Naturally this can be somewhat depressing. One saving grace of being told that your work won't see print for months (or years in some cases) is that by the time it does see print, you'd almost forgotten about it and it turns out to be a lovely surprise.

As is the case here.

Years ago, round about nineteen bow and arrow (as my old man would say) I was hired by L Jamal Walton to help out on his web comic Warmageddon, more precisely his Eirian and Orumil strip. Now for whatever reasons, the strips never (as of the writing of this) made it online. The good news is that they are now available in print form. And with a sexy limited edition variant cover by yours truly and the ubertalented Mr. Jamie Roberts to boot.

But what's best about this book is this, and this is a secret so don't tell everybody. For every copy that gets sold, I get pennies in my pocket. Shhh.

So get out there and buy buy buy.

Remember, there's only 100 copies in the world. Go on, buy a piece of history.





Anonymous said...

Looks fantsatic.

ljamal said...

you mean these strips ( have never appeared online? :P

Grant Perkins said...

Thanks Garrett.

What the? Hey Jamal, when did you upload those? Sneaky man.