Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The new nokia nunchuck.

I need me a new phone. My trusty E650, of which I've only had 9 or 10 different handsets has given up the ghost again. The slidie mechanism now serves as nothing more than a piece of cable holding the two parts together forming some form of nokia nunchuck.

Ok, so the E650 isn't a nokia, but it sounds good.

So now I'm looking at a new phone. I'm loving the idea of the iPhone, but being on Orange that could be a problem. My other option is the N97, but that doesn't seem to be available to be right now either.

So what I'm really looking for is a faithful blog reader (either one of you) to send me your sexy new iPhone which you've magically unlocked to work on Orange as an early birthday gift. A bundle of cash would be a nice extra too.

Thanks in advance.


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