Friday, 3 July 2009

C Dicks.

C Dicks?

What could that possibly mean?

It's been marked on the calender for about 8 weeks now with no explanation given as to what it might mean. C Dicks? See dicks? Could it be that the old man has booked a day to go all brokeback or perhaps he just has an innocent meeting with a fellow named Richard?

C Dicks?

As it happens, the arrival of young Bobby Man (who despite his name isn't a police themed super hero) from local school Charles Dickens puts pay to any notions of the old man's playingfortheotherteamness (well for today at least).

Bobby, it seems is here for work experience. Oh goodie. Someone to make the coffee and generally abuse. Thank you Charles Dickens.

"Bobby? Bobby? get the hacksaw. My toenails need cutting!"

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