Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I am alive - Honest.

Sorry for the lack of updates, as usual, things have been quite hectic here.

We managed to beg, plead and steal our way around to getting weekend tickets for the Bristol Con and thus found ourselves with a weekends opportunity to pimp and promote, but with nothing to pimp and promote with. Last year at the Birmingham Con Eva and I printed up a handful of mini sketchbooks featuring a back catalogue of my better works to leave with potential employers instead of a business card and forgettable few minutes chit chat. This worked quite well as it led to us meeting the DFC and putting together a submission for them. As fate would have it, that door closed on us, but at least it got us moving in the right direction.

So anyway, we spend a couple of weeks getting together a handful of my more recent works to bind into a small ashcan sized comic book to thrust under the noses of people we thought might be important. We included the most recent Nightmare World strip that I'd drawn for Dirk Manning and that Jamie Roberts had coloured (which is currently up at Shadowline at due to be printed through Image later in the year). We also included the work that we'd done for our DFC submission in hopes that another publisher might pick it up. We finished up our ash can with a handful of pin-ups that will feature in a future issue of Cereal Geek.

In the middle of the ash can we featured three pages of our current project. If you've been following me on Twitter or paying attention to my Twitter feed at the side of this page, I've been dropping hints about like a bunny drops bunny poo.

All I'm allowed to say (isn't this top secret stuff cool?) is that Eva and I are involved in a new Hero Happy Hour project and that further details will be revealed at the San Diego Comic Con in July - I only wish that we had the money to attend!

So with that bombshell, I'm off to sharpen the pencil and get back to work.

Incidentally, the Con itself was great fun. We got to meet up with some old friends from Digital Webbing and had a jolly good knees up.


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