Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Bristol Comic Expo.

Who's going?

The wife had the foresight to book us into the hotel that the convention is in months and months ago, so that when Saturdays geek feast is over, we'll be right there at the bar to drink ourselves silly and to argue with the best of them about the more important things in life - Who is stronger, Hulk or The Thing? Can Wonder Woman have Superman's babies? and the ever important subject of Marvel Magic.

Unfortunately, Brains here neglected to order tickets to the convention in time and as such has lost the opportunity to attend the Saturday portion of the show. Sunday tickets are still available, so if you're headed out there, best grab 'em quick.

Still, the hotel is booked so we've a lazy Saturday in a hotel bed to look forward to before the ever important philosophical debate later that evening.

When Sunday comes around though, we'll be out there on the floor pimping ourselves silly and begging for work.

Which reminds me, Anyone want to buy my book?


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