Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Ninja Babies, Red Dwarf and a satisfied cactus.

Being ill sucks.

The last few days I've been suffering with the tonsillitis from hell. Feeling like I've given oral sex to a giant cactus man, I've had two days with no voice and five without any real solid food. On the plus side, I've had my wife taking amazing care of me (thank you baby) and making me yummy ice-cream and fruit milk shakes. Yummy!

I've been Re-re-re-re-re-watching my Red Dwarf collection this week in preparation for this weekends Red Dwarf specials. Between following the preview footage on the Dave website and Robert Llewellyn's Twitter account, I'm all set to be back with the Boy's from the Dwarf.

Anyway, enough babble about my life, you guys want to see some pretty pictures.

Here's another ten pager for sore thumb press. It's called Ninja baby - see if you can guess what it's about.


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scott.austin said...

Still love your style. Sure you weren't watching "Home Alone" instead of Red Dwarf?