Thursday, 2 April 2009

Dog Blog.

I noticed yesterday that the blankets the dogs sleep on were getting a little stinky. Now I wasn't doing anything in particular, so I figured I'd give them a bit of a wash, so the dogs could snuggle down into some nice clean bedding and the kitchen might smell a little better.

So I loaded them up in the washing machine and let it do it's thing.

About an hour later and the deed was done. Now having washed the dog blanket before, I was fully prepared to clean out the filter. As you'd expect, it gets all clogged up with dog hair and various other canine gunk. This involves getting my hands all slimy while using a sharp knife to pull the hair out.

A sharp knife that more than happy to slice the top of my knuckle off.

So with all that done and the bleeding attended to, I took the blankets outside to dry - after what they did to the washing machine, I wasn't prepared to risk the tumble dryer. So I tiptoed out through the mine field of dogie poop to hang the blankets up on the line.

Shorty afterwards, Eva and I went to Canterbury.

As i noticed night creeping in, I phoned Conner to nip into the garden to bring the blankets in before they started to get damp again. A simple task that he was more than happy to do.

Later, when we arrived home, I noticed the dogs looking upset. It was well past their bed time and their bed was missing. Conner had forgotten to get the blankets in.

So I tip toe back out through the field of doggy poop - this time by torch light - to bring the blankets in. They have to go over the radiators to dry off again.

Shortly afterwards, the blankets are finally dry and the doggies have a nice clean (and warm) bed to spend the night it.

Mission accomplished.

This morning I come downstairs and give the dogs a morning pet and tussle and glance over at the nice clean dogie bed.

The bastards had pissed all over it.

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funny ist thing I have read in ages a