Saturday, 18 October 2008


I dunno.

We go through all the hassle of wading through files of art and running them through photoshop to get them all ready for the net. We spend days building up the website and then spend money we don't have buying a domain name and webspace. We get it all uploaded then spend twenty-fours hours emailing everyone we can, telling them how great is, and the the damn server goes for a burton.

The official word is as follows.


The server on which your account is hosted is undergoing with very heavy DDos attack thats why the server is null-routed and all the websites are inaccessible. The server will be online once the attack will be minimal, Currently we are working on the issue to correct it.

Sorry for inconvenience caused to you.

Please feel free to contact us back in case of any other information."

Now that's just lovely isn't it? All over the world people are now logging onto and getting a sexy 404 page.

In fact, unless you have a direct link to THIS page, chances are you can't navigate here to read that you can't navigate here.



Additional: My nose still hurts.

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