Monday, 21 May 2012

Kapow Con 2012.

Hey guys and gals.

It's the Monday after Kapow and what a Kapow it was. I always love meeting the fans and catching up with what they've been up to since the last con. Checking out their work and helping out if I can and offering advice. It's also great to meet up with "the guys" behind the tables, who unfortunatly at these events there never seems quite enough time to catch up properly with. Still, great to see everyone all the same.

I was fortunate enough to be sketching most of the weekend, I won't post any of the con sketches here as you would have no doubt seen them already as I'm sure you all follow me on Twitter at

 I will however share with you a couple of pre-con commissions which were gifts from a father to his two sons.

A big thank you to all involved in putting Kapow together and an even bigger thank you to everyone who came over not only to me but to the Comic Book Alliance and help support us.

See you all at Thought Bubble.


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