Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Adventures in Comics.

Hey guys and gals.

Sorry for the lack of updates this month, things have been a little crazy on the personal front of late. My Nana, who has been fighting dementia for sometime now broke her collarbone on Boxing Day and her hip a few days later. Since then we have been in and out of the hospital on a daily basis visiting her and trying to sort out some new accommodation for her as she is unable to return to her current home. As things stand right now we have managed to find her a new nursing home to move into but she will be remaining at the hospital for at least another two weeks.

Con season is gearing up and I’m pleased to announce that the very first con I will be attending this year will be “Adventures in Comics” in my hometown of Margate. How I missed out on this last year is beyond me. I’m looking forward to meeting some new people and checking out some of the comic book artwork in their “Lifeboat” gallery. From what I can see on their website there’s some awesome stuff being sent in. Speaking of which, have a look at the awesome inks and colours Mike Bunt and Nadine Ashworth (respectively) did on my pencils for Mike Garley’s script.

How great are those guys?

For more information on "Lifeboat" and "Adventures in Comics" please visit them here.


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