Monday, 7 November 2011

Two stores, one geek.

Hey guys.

DemonCon2 was an absolute blast. For such a small venue we pulled a lot of people in, a big thanks to everyone who showed up and everyone who had a hand in organizing it. I gotta get me back there next year. Not only was it a great day, but some genius had the idea of hosting the event in a cafe! None of this hunting around for a machine to get a Mars bar or a machine to serve piping hot coffee in a cheap plastic cup, we were on a bacon and cheese toasted sandwiches and fry ups. There was even coffee in real mugs. #livinglikekings.

In this blog I'd like to mention two very cool shops in Margate. The first of which is Comics and Sci-fi World which is in Margate Harbour old town. Howie Watson is a great friend of mine and long-time supporter of comics and bodybuilding (two things that are very dear to me). His shop is *the* place for any collector to pick up anything and everything awesome related to comics and sci-fi, plus he's a great bloke who knows his geekdom. Next time you are in Margate pop your head and see and say hi to Howie. If he doesn't impress you with his collection of most excellent action figures and graphic novels his biceps surely will.

Phoenix Fantasy Comics is located in Cliftonville High Street and is fairly new, although their current stock dates back a few years. They hope to start dealing with the 'weeklies' by December and become a comics fixture. Geeks of old may remember there being a 'Phoenix Fantasy' in Margate not so long ago. That shop was run by a very good friend of mine who is sadly no longer with us. A very kind fellow called Siegi. The new Phoenix Fantasy is named thus in his honour, a classy move in my opinion.

Both shops are excellently awesome is as much they are run by great people I'm proud to call friends, they both bring comics to Margate and they both support a certain local artist by letting him use their shops to force his artwork on the general public.

Comics and Sci-fi World

Phoenix Fantasy Comics

So next time you are out and about in the Margate/Cliftonville area, please stop into one or both of these shops and say hello.

There's awesomeness to be found.


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