Thursday, 2 June 2011

Dr. Who.

Would you like to know a secret? I never used to like Dr. Who. It was always that show with Sylvester McCoy in that was a bit crap.

Once I grew up and got married Dr Who became one of those shows that I found myself watching because it was what everyone else wanted to watch. Eastenders and Dr Who for my WWE wrestling, it was a trade off. After a few episodes I found myself asking questions - Who is that guy? Didn't she die? WTF is THAT?? - And that was just Eastenders.

Soon I found myself using youtube and my co-workers ample DVD collection to catch up on 900 years of Dr Who. Now a uber-geek on the subject I find myself quite often harrassing Tony Lee on the subject in a rather embarrassing fan boy manner to the point where at a recent con he greeted me with "No you can't write or draw Doctor Who". Sorry Tony.

So I may not be able to write the Doctor, but I can provide silly doodles on the subject. See here and below.

Any and all feedback welcomed.


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