Sunday, 13 March 2011

Published by Marvel.

This week I achieved a long term goal of mine, to be published by Marvel. As many of you know I'm a hugh fan of the product and have based a handful of my recent paintings on Marvel Superheroes. One of which being Iron Man, which now prouly features in the pages of Marvel Legends issue 56 - on sale now in all good newsagents and online.

Technically this is the second time Marvel have published me. I won a No-Prize and a Hologram set signed by Stan Lee when I was a young teen for writing a letter trying to get people to buy the MC Spy-D and Friends single.

On a personal note. Thank you very much for the kind words Brady. I couldn't ask for a nicer thing to be said about me.

So there we have it. Published by Image and now Marvel. DC, I'm gunning for you next.


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