Sunday, 19 September 2010

Happy Birthday Grant / Get Well Soon Nana.

Hey guys.

First and foremost, let me thank all of you that sent me texts, e-mails and wrote on my Facebook wall to wish me a happy birthday for yesterday. I was shocked and honoured at the amount of you guys that remembered little old me. Although just how much of that was down to Facebook making it so easy these days to wish someone a "Happy Birthday" is another thing.

From the minute one logs in to Facebook to see what their friends are up to or to harvest their farm, Facebook magically reminds them that so-and-so is having a birthday and that you should write on their wall and wish them the best. A genius idea really. You never have to remember a birthday nor spend money on a card again. And what's more, from this side of things, it means so much. I think just under 70 of my Facebook friends contacted me in some way or another through the site, and each one made me smile.

Thanks guys.

I had a fun birthday this year. I got to do the important things, like spend time with family and friends and eat a big pizza.

It was especially important to me that I was able to head up to the hospital (that I was born at some 31 years ago) to spend a little more time with my Nana. She had a fall in the night a few days ago and was found by my Uncle laying by her bed with no real idea of just how long she'd been there.

She's battered and bruised and sporting a broken arm (her left, which being left handed makes things all the worse for her). Physically, she's going to be alright, but mentally we're not so sure as she has no idea how she came to be in Hospital and why her arm is sore. She has no idea what the current year is and is unsure of the names of her nearest and dearest. She still has her wicked sense of humour though:

Doctor: How do you feel?

Nana: With my hands.

Doctor: Do you know where you are?

Nana: Yes. I’m in a bed.

It's been good spending so much time with her the last few days (time I really should have been able to find before the accident) but a shame that it's been under such circumstances. All the poor dear wants is to come home, but she can't see why she can't.

Get well soon Nana.



LDahl said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for your Nana. I take care of my elderly mother and falls are always a 'heart stop' for me. So far she has only had to go to the emergency room once... she had a bad fall at a church gathering but thankfully no broken bones. She is often disoriented and traumatized after a fall but after about a week she starts to get it together again. Hopefully it will be that way with your Nana too. It is not only a physical shock to fall but a mental one as well. Sleep is the best thing for her.

I'm glad you had a good birthday. :)

Grant Perkins said...

The mind has been going for some time now and this little blessing in disguise has given us a way to bring it to the attention of those with the medical know how without having to wheel her in and say "Excuse me Doctor, but we think our Nana is a little looney".

She seems stronger and more like herself today, but I don't think she'll ever be who she was.

I hope she proves me wrong though.