Thursday, 22 April 2010

Vue my Iron Man / Poorly Boy Grant.

What a nasty couple of days it's been.

I woke up on Monday with a pain in my abdomen like I had done 5 to 6 hundred sit ups. Now I have upped my training recently, but I've done zero or less ab work. As the pain lasted all morning, increasing as time ticked by, Eva suggested we phoned the doctors. The doctors agreed that I was showing all of the classic signs of appendicitis so off we trotted to my local surgery.

Only we didn't as they were full.

So after a little longer of laying on the couch feeling like Tyson had been practicing his left hook on my belly, Eva and I went up to A and E.

A and E was scary for me as the last time we were there it was Eva who was ill and wanting to go home (she would eventually be kept in for a week) but this was my turn. I didn't want to stay there. My head had been filled with the idea that my appendix was coming out there and then and that I'd have to stay there in a hospital bed for a few days.

What Eva didn't know at the time was that I'd bought us both tickets to go and see Wicked again (we first went on our Honeymoon) this Saturday for her birthday on Tuesday. So I was beside myself not only with pain, but worry that I'd ruined my wife's birthday surprise.

So we're in A and E and I'm being poked and prodded. I get a drip put in my arm (which freaked me out as I'd never had that before and took it as a sign that I'd be kept in and would miss Wicked at the weekend (it's silly to think that I was in a situation where I could have been on the operating table any minute and all I could think about was missing a stage show!). They even gave me a stomach x-ray to figure out what wrong.

After throwing up on a doctor (which amused a nurse) they decided my appendix was fine and sent me home.

That night I got about an hours sleep before getting up and blowing my guts out of my mouth again.

I'd arranged cover at work for Tuesday so I could spend Eva's birthday with her, unfortunately I spent the day laying on the couch watching the comedy channel instead as any movement felt like a elephant tap dancing on my belly button. Laying down I could get into a reasonably painless position, but walking around made it feel like I had a weighted meat hook hanging from behind my navel and through my testicles.

We're now on Thursday and the pain is nearly gone. I'm still taking it easy and I've not puked since Tuesday morning, but I am having a similar effect the other end of the body.

Hopefully I should be back at work tomorrow.

Speaking of work - ARTwork that is. I've managed to have a little word with those kind fellows and fellowettes at The Vue regarding their Iron Man promotion and they've been kind enough to show support to this local artist and let me hang my recent Iron Man painting up there as part of their display. So if you are passing up by Westwood Cross in the next few weeks, feel free to stop by and check it out.

In other art related news. It seems that there has been some movement on the Hero Happy Hour front. My good man Dan Taylor has sobered up and swaggered back behind the bar and is pouring out some letters for one more round.

Click here for the full scoop.

Anyway, that's all for now guys. I'm off to source some lunch.

Stay Slinky.


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