Saturday, 13 March 2010

The Kid.

It's funny. I complain about having to stand up all day at work, but when I get a day off I relax by standing up all day and painting.

But you guys don't want to know about my nagging back pain, you just want to see the fruits of my labour. That being the case I am *so* your whore ;)

I've been wanting to try a triptych ever since a came across four small canvas (canvai?) of equal size. After thinking about it for a week or two my base level maths education kicked in and reminded me that a triptych is three canvas. Undeterred I set ahead with my triptych of four.

Here she is laid out on the carpet as she may be hung.

And here's a slightly different layout just for fun. Naturally whomever purchases this piece when it is dry may display it whoever they choose.

If you click the images they should appear clearer in a new window/tab.

Anywhooie, that's all for today.

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All the best.


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