Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Who was your Doctor?

Now there's a question that gives away a persons age.

Mine was McCoy. I know he wasn't the most popular Doctor, but he was the one I watched growing up. Or rather the one I didn't watch growing up. As a kid I never really watched Dr Who. I was told that it was scary and something to hide behind the sofa from. So being the wuss that I was (am) I never bothered with it. I figured that if it was going to give me bad dreams it was best not to bother with it.

It's only now in later life that I've started to get into the show. With the BBC forcing Tennent down our throats over X-Mas (this is the Doctor, come watch him die!) and Hartnell through Eccleston available through the powers of the Internet I've been piecing together the saga and trying to find a favourite Doctor.

All incarnations have their redeeming qualities and annoying nuances, making it impossible to pick an overall top pick, so I'm afraid I'll stick to my allegiances and what I know - or rather what I didn't know. Number 7.

Mine you, this David fellow wasn't bad either.

Oil on Canvas. 20 by 16 inches.

Here's looking at you Tony.

G (painting from behind the sofa).

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Peter Checksfield said...

Mine was Jon Pertwee, definitely (though I'm actually old enough to clearly remember the one before him).

Incidentally I was always told by family members that I was born while Doctor Who was on TV; but when I finally checked a couple of years ago I found that I was actually born (in January '63) nearly a year before it started! So maybe it was while 'Day Of The Triffids' or 'Quatermass' or something was on.