Friday, 29 January 2010

Dwayne Hickenbottom Graphic Novel.

A while ago I had the idea of taking my Dwayne Hickenbottom character and moving him into different media, namely a graphic novel. Dwayne had appeared in comics before ( see here ) so it shouldn't have been too great a step.

Unfortunately, it wasn't financially viable for me to sit down and draw 88 pages ( 88+ days work) when I could be drawing for somebody else and making some money. As it happens I'm still waiting on that somebody else to come along.

So in the meantime I've produced a handful of paintings and done some small time comic jobs for other people. Now with the unavoidable reality of having to step away from the dream and get a "real" job - or at least one that pays anyway, Dwayne Hickenbottom the Graphic Novel is well and truly on the back burner.

Here's the adventure so far.

Higher res image is available here.

Any and all feedback welcomed.


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