Saturday, 2 January 2010

Doxxville - The Free Web Comic.

Why did nobody tell me that the Doxxville section of this site had gone down?

I clicked through yesterday and there were no comics uploaded. No wonder traffic there had been slow! It's taken the whole day, but all 135 strips are now back online and ready to read - and all for free.

Here's a link to the first one to get you started.

Off you go.

Happy reading.

It was cool to wade through these older strips as it gave me a chance to look back at where I was a few years ago. Okay, so some of the strips are a bit naff in terms of art and some are a little wonky where the letters are concerned, but that's okay as the whole thing was a learning experience. I was taking characters that had only appeared in my novels before and exploring them in new media. Not every strip was a hit, but I'm proud of the venture.

The Doxxville Web Comic was very enjoyable to create and I hope that you guys found it as enjoyable to read.


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