Wednesday, 16 December 2009

When the Snowman steals the show.

Ah Christmas. The time of year we celebrate the birth of a fictional god by buying our uncle a pair of socks. You've gotta love it.

That said, this last couple of years I've started to put my bumhug ways behind me for the sake of little Vinnie. This is the first year that he's aware of the whole Father Christmas deal and is quite looking forward to the promised free toys. If only he can be a good boy long enough to claim them (nine more sleeps!)

We took him to see the man himself at the weekend. He was nervous at first, but managed to survive the experience without pulling Santa's beard off or anything else we could have sent into "You've been framed".

This morning was his Carol Concert at Pre-School. Gone are the days of singing about baby cheeses in a manger, this year it's all about the Snowman. He's the one at the back who sings everyone elses songs louder and earlier than they do. Definitely the show stealer.

Here's the little snowball celebrating his X-Factor like performance with a very proud Daddy.

This time next year he'll be on Broadway.


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