Thursday, 12 November 2009

Smackdown/Ecw tapings - Matt Hardy, The Hurricane and Batista notes.

So here I am doing my best "I'm not really geeked out to be stood in front of a WWE ring pose.

What do you think of the shirt?

These will soon be available to buy from in a range of sizes, just as soon as I get the chance to to add them to the merchandise page. Drop me an e-mail for details.

Well we're both back home as of last night and are slowly falling back into the old routine. I've already finished another painting (pics soon) and started the house work. Eva has fed her facebook fish, opened her facebook cafe and planted her facebook farm.

Tuesday night was the ECW/Smackdown tapings. Somehow not as much fun as raw, despite getting to see favourites like The Undertaker, The Hurricane and Matt Hardy. There seemed to be too many hold ups in the production side of things. Lots of pauses between matches and promos. Still, the guys themselves did a great job to keep the crowd entertained.

William Regal was a favourite. Despite playing the heel, the crowd had to support the home town boy. For the first time since finding out matches were predetermined, I was genuinely upset at the result of his match.

Like Big Show the night before, Batista (who is playing the bad guy at the moment) was able to shoot a quick wink to the crowd after his promo as if to say "I'm not a bad guy really, I just play one on TV."

I was good to see signs for both Matt Hardy and The Hurricane noting that they were not only fans of theirs but follow them on Twitter too. Although I follow both those guys, I came signless.

All in all, another great evenings entertainment. Not as quick fire as Raw, but good fun just the same.

Thanks Guys.

The only thing that upset Eva was a warning sign that had been printed out, laminated and placed on display as we entered the area. See if you can tell why it upset her. Answers on a postcard - or email.