Sunday, 23 August 2009

Isn't my wife beautiful?

She's the one without the beard.

I should add that she doesn't normally wear such fantastic clothes (not that her day to day wardrobe isn't fantastic - I should know, I do the laundry). This weekend in Margate has been a celebration of the Burlesque lifestyle.

Now I'm not sure what that means, but anything that gets my wife to dress up like that is good with me.

In addition to giving her an excuse to go out on the riz in a corset and fishnets (no you can't see those photos here, this is all all ages website - find me on facebook for those ;) ) we were able to plod along to a touring "freak show".

We got to see such amazingly bad illusions as the headless woman and the woman with no legs. Both apparently unfortunate victims of accidents involving fan belts. Still, I'm sure a blind man would have been glad to see it.

On the other side of things, book sales are still good and postive feedback has started to drift in. Looks like Dwayne Hickenbottom and the Journey to the Centre of the Birth is a success - much like my wife, the sexy thing.



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