Wednesday, 15 July 2009


114 and counting. No I don't mean the average IQ of a Harry Potter fan (I kid I kid, I'm looking forward to the movie too - although MY book is far better than anything JK ever wrote...) It's the amount of hits that this page has had today. Apparently someone has listed me on Stumbleupon and that's suddenly made me more popular than that girl you used to go to school with who hit puberty two years before everybody else.

Speaking of school, I was in attendance of one this morning to check out the art dept to try and figure out if I have the right stuff to make it as an Art teacher. I all ready have the coffee breath and questionable taste in fashion, so it seems that I'm a shoe in. All I need to do is head on out to University and get me a pgce or gtp or wtf and then it's clear sailing.

There was a slight bump in the ocean this afternoon though when I was told by the official word of Hartsdown Technology College that my old maths teacher couldn't provide me with a reference because it had been more than six years since I left and she "didn't know me anymore".

This I found quite odd as I'd only spoken to her weeks before. I had originally planned on asking my old art teacher, but the enigmatic Nick Neenan was as aloof as ever (if you ever read this Nick, drop me an email, I'd love to catch up). So anyway, my secret squirrel working undercover for me at Hartsdown was able to meet my old math teacher later in the day and ask if she remembered me.

"Of course I do." Came the reply.

So all is well that ends well there, my math teacher was more than willing to give me a reference, despite the word of the Great and Powerful HTC. Thanks again secret squirrel.

In other news, I'm now six pages in to my current project which puts me well ahead of schedule. I was planning on getting at least one more page done today, but all the above got in the way. Still, baby will be ready for bed soon so I might get some work done then.

So whichever of you added me on Stumbleupon, thank you - now I suggest the rest of you do the same.

Or it's detentions all round.



Cortney said...
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elizadoohicky said...

Found your blog through

thought you'd like to know your shameless self promotion worked at least ONCE.

enjoyed reading your blog...I will have to look for your book(s?).

check me out sometime if you have an itch...

Grant Perkins said...

Shameless? Me?


Glad to have you on board eliza, I hope you stick around for the ride.