Monday, 22 June 2009

Margate is full of idiots.

And I'm an idiot magnet.

Proved once again by the pungent chap who just left. He wanted to buy a phone charger from me.

Ignoring the fact that he wasn't forthcoming with any information as to the make and model of his phone, I did have to point out to him no less that three times that this is in fact a bike shop. Something you might have thought he would have picked up on. Being that it's full of bikes. Don't see that at the Car Phone Warehouse do you.

Once the message had finally gotten through to him and I thought I was finally rid of the chap, he asked if I thought that they might sell him a phone charger next door.

So if you happen to see a confused and odorous gentleman knocking on the door of a closed down pet boutique this afternoon, you'll know why.


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