Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Beach parties and exposed pink bits.

Vinnie's birthday party(s) went off without a hitch as the little man's feet barely touched the ground for 48 hours. He had a party with his friends from nursery at Jungle Jims followed another party with his family at the beach, more toys than you can shake an enthused three year old at (and yes, I did try) and enough cake and sweets to rot even Willy Wonka's teeth.

Margate today is hotter than a hot thing on a very hot day and by all accounts is only just getting started. Hopefully this means that after a day off from the burning ball of fire today, the good lady wife and I will be exposing our pink bits and once again laying down Westbrook beach come tomorrow morning.

Work wise, if you're looking to hire me, now would be a great time to drop me an email. I'm currently between scripts and although I have plenty of personal projects of my own to be getting on with, everybody needs to eat.

Stay in touch.


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