Saturday, 17 January 2009

Ah, 1997. A good year for music, in fact it's one that I'm revisiting right now care of the wonder of Youtube. I was just getting into the hip-hop scene at the same time that Puff Daddy was popping up on everybody elses tracks. Puffy (Or P:Diddy, Pappy Diddy Pop, Sean Combes or whatever - he'll always be Puff Daddy to me) stepped out of the rather large shadow of Biggie Smalls and exploded on the pop industry with Ma$e (The mumbler) in tow and everything they touched became gold. Even their back up singers made it big (Can you say J-Lo - Sure, I knew you could).

Speaking of Music, a local band by the name of Sizen ( has just popped up on my radar. Not because of their music (Which I'm sure is great, I've not heard a note) but because of their new album cover.

The artwork is by a very good longtime friend of mine, Jamie Beal. Great work Jamie.

As you may have noticed, it's been a few weeks since we've seen a new adventure from Dwayne and Co over at That's just because Eva and I have been so busy with other projects that we've had to take a short break from the webcomic. Don't worry though, the archives are still up and as entertaining as ever. Why not pop over and give them a read? Go on, give your PC a rest from porn for just a second.

It may not be as fun, but there's less mess.


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