Saturday, 15 November 2008

Cold mornings, empty sketchbooks and free comics.

Another cold morning in the bike shop means another cold morning sat on my own.

Put the violins away though guys, being on my tod has it's advantages, for one I can crack out the sketchbook and get on with some *real* work. Speaking of sketchbooks, my current one is disappearing quicker than any other sketchbook I've ever had. I don't know whether it's because my work rate has quickened or some bugger is ripping the pages out while I sleep, but I'm going to need to get me a new one soon. I'm sure I only bought this one 2 months ago.

I'm still working on various submissions right now, so unfortunately I can't share any work with you yet, but hold on tight as I've a feeling this may be THE project. It has action, humor - and with my wife-to-be (25 days!) all set to do the colours, it has...well colour.

And remeber, keep that interent window tuned to every Monday and Thurday for free comics.


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