Monday, 3 November 2008

Clean dirties.

As a cycle shop worker, I thought that recycling meant getting back on the bike, the local council think different. It seems that from now on you can't just throw garbage out, it has to be washed and placed in different bins first.

We have to wash our garbage before we throw it out? Eh?

The theory behind it is sound. If we can melt down all the old plastic milk bottles (for example) and then reuse the plastic, we'll be saving millions of pounds in resources and be doing our bit for the environment.

What interests me though - as it was brought to my attention by my other half - how much power and energy are we using to heat the water to wash the milk bottles in the first place? Are we actually saving anything at the end of the day or is this just a scheme to make us all feel good?


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ljamal said...

Just use cold water :p