Thursday, 9 October 2008

A work in Progress.

Until recently I've been blogging twice a week over at my sister site; Traffic has been good over there but I've decided to slowly make the leap from there to here. Although Doxxville is my baby, and Dwayne Hickenbottom and I have come a long way (and still have a long way to go) I thought it was time to separate myself from the product for a minute and show the world that I'm deeper than Doxxville and showcase myself as a comic book creator, not just one half of

I say one half as over the last year, my soon to be wife has had more and more to do with Doxxville, and in turn, my career. Without her I'd only be half a person.

In fact it was only with her support that I was able to travel up to the Birmingham Comic Book convention this past weekend to shamelessly promote myself. Something that was surprisingly reassuring. We were both welcomed by our peers with open arms and possibilities of work were mentioned. Naturally business cards and urls were exchanged and the promise of further contact brought up.

It was really this that prompted me to start this blog and what will eventually become my new home on the web. will continue to function as the home of Dwayne and Nigel, but Grant Perkins needed a home of his own.

As of this writing, I've added a link on the menu to the right that leads to a page showcasing various pin ups of mine and soon I'll be adding further pages for sequential work and links etc.

Anyway, that's enough blogging for the moment. I've spent far too much time at the PC this afternoon. It's back to the pencil for me.


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