Friday, 24 October 2008

Connecting the blogs.

I've spent this morning converting the pages that make up so that they come in line a little with the pages over here at The Grant in hopes that the two sites will eventually meet up as one. Please feel free to navigate around the site(s) for me and let me know if you get any "Page Not Found" or "Your Webmaster is a Stupidhead" type pages come up.

I've also messed about with the placement of ad space in hopes that I can draw in a little extra cash that way.

Well the demo I was waiting on yesterday never came online, which kinda bummed me out. But I did get a visit from one of my old Uni mates who I'd not seen in half of forever. I was great to see Gethin again and comment on how we've changed in the past five years. He's now in the army and I've gained 5 stone - which I attribute as a mixure of muscle mass, a mop of hair and a Catweazle beard.

Anyway, I've half a Nightmare World page to finish. You reading this Dirk? I'm almoat there - honest!

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